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Travel Warnings

You can check for current travel warnings by visiting the U.S. Department of State web site at http://travel.state.gov and then clicking on the travel warnings link at the top of the lefthand column.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a new system available that makes estimated security checkpoint wait times available to travelers. Note that the estimates are based upon historical information and are not real-time. Access the TSA Security Checkpoint Wait Times page at: http://waittime.tsa.dhs.gov/index.html

Special Alert! Passport news!

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative


• All U.S. citizens traveling by air are required to present a passport book to enter or re-enter the United States.


The following summarizes information available on the Department of Homeland Security's website.


All U.S. citizens must show proof of identity and proof of U.S. citizenship when entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the countries of the Caribbean by land or sea.

Acceptable documents include: U.S. Passport Book, U.S. Passport Card, or other document approved by the Department of Homeland Security.U.S. citizens who do not have a single document verifying identity and citizenship must present both an identification and citizenship document; for example, a driver's license and a copy of a birth certificate or naturalization certificate.


On June 1, 2009, the U.S. government will implement the full requirements of the land and sea phase of WHTI. The proposed rules require most U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry to have a passport, passport card, or other travel document approved by the Department of Homeland Security.

Children: U.S. citizen children under the age of 16 will be able to present the original or copy of their birth certificate, or other proof of U.S. citizenship such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card.

Groups of U.S. citizen children ages 16 through 18, when traveling with a school or religious group, social organization, or sports team, will be able to enter under adult supervision with originals or copies of their birth certificates or other proof of citizenship. See the Department of Homeland Security's GetYouHome.gov for more information on the changing travel requirements.

Please Note: The WHTI-compliant documents described below are acceptable for entry or re-entry into the United States. You may be required to present additional or different travel documents when entering foreign countries, including countries in the Western Hemisphere. Before you travel, make sure you know the entry requirements of the country you plan to visit. See Country Specific Information for more information on the country you are traveling to. service within three weeks.

For more information on the new passport rules, visit the following website: http://www.travel.state.gov

You can get information about obtaining or renewing a passport by visiting the U.S. Department of State web site at: http://www.travel.state.gov/

U.S. Department of State location search page to help you find the location nearest to you to apply for a passport: http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/

Trip Insurance

Travel Guard - Dive Travel Services offers travel insurance through Travel Guard International, America's leading travel services provider covering more than 6 million travelers each year. Get insurance against trip cancellation penalties, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical expenses, lost baggage and more. All Travel Guard coverage includes 24-hour "911" travel emergency service for emergency medical assistance, last-minute or emergency travel changes, lost luggage tracking, pre-trip travel advice and more.

Other Links

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers and associated with Duke University Medical Center (DUMC). DAN is supported by the largest association of recreational divers in the world.

CDC Travelers' Health The CDC's National Center for Infestious Diseases web site has a ton of health information for travelers, including information on specific diseases, current outbreaks in other countries and recommendations for vaccinations.

ScubaDoc.com Comprehensive updated information about diving and undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving medical professional and an excellent reference source for the diving medical specialist.

Funjet Vacations - Need a Passport?

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